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One Saturday morning, Mommy and Daddy pulled Tillie and Clementine away from the TV for a fun family outing.

They hiked into the zoo with Clementine seated in the kid carrier. Mommy said to her, “Clementine! Aren’t you a special girl, getting to ride piggyback on Daddy! How’s the view from up there?”


Clementine answered, “Daddy’s neck is hairy.”

Daddy wasn't kidding around. When they pulled into the parking lot and saw the big stone letters, the girls knew they were going ot have fun.

What the family didn't know was that Phil the gorilla and his daughter LuLu escaped from their enclosure to go have a fun day exploring the rest of the zoo.

Clementine kept bugging her parents to buy her snacks,

stuffed animals, and train rides. Mommy and Daddy refused and said they were there to see animals,

not to buy things.

At one point, both dads got distracted and gave the wrong kid a piggyback ride.

But the kids didn't even know the difference because each dad had a hairy kneck.

There is lots more craziness in this tale: zoo choo choo trains, a prehistoric section of the zoo, and Todd the zoo

keeper trying to catch his

escaped gorillas.


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Later Phil found a wallet in the jacket he borrowed from Daddy who wasn't paying attention. He bought all sorts of cool things for Clementine thinking she was his daughter LuLu.


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