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School Visits

Dan has visited a ton of schools, entertaining kids from kindergarten through 4th grade.  Invite him to your school!



The presentation takes about 40 minutes, employs a projector (or smart board or monitor), and generally goes like this:

• Brief power point show that includes photos and drawings from when Dan was a kid and then moves on to display how current ideas progress from notebook to final version

• Reading of one or more of Dan’s books

• Question and answer session

• Display of original artwork



Dan usually reads his work to K-4 grades, though he does ocassionally read to pre-K.  As picture books, the stories are appealing and accessable to younger kids. As overgrown comic strips containing a few challenging vocabulary words, the books hold the attention of the older kids as well.



Dan has addressed both large assemblies and individual classes. The latter is preferable as it gives students a more intimate setting and better opportunity to get a good view and ask questions. Dan is available to read to multiple classes during consecutive sessions and has accomplished this in the past by presenting in the library or by moving around to different classrooms.



Finally, the most exciting part for the kids is that they are able to take home a copy of the book signed to them. Dan would provide a take-home form which tells parents about the upcoming reading and how they can order a book for their child. This form is sent home one to two weeks prior to the appearance so that the parents have a chance to think it over.


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