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About Happy Fun Books

Happy Fun Books is the homegrown publishing effort of Dan Killeen. The  books feature silly family humor that appeals to both kids and adults. The illustration invokes the classic comic strips Dan admired as a lad. Occasional challenging words pop up in the text, but young readers can decipher (there's a challenging word right there) the meaning by using context clues in the surrounding text or accompanying illustration.


The Tillie & Clementine series is inspired by his brother’s girls and the improvised bedtime stories he tells them. Derrick is likewise inspired by dinosaur-obsessed nephews. All kids deserve to star in their own children’s book, so Uncle Dan is happy to re-create the adventures of his silly young relatives.


Dan Killeen is the author and illustrator of three children's books - Derrick and the Dinosaurs and two Tillie & Clementine titles. He grew up reading old Peanuts collections which his mom would pick up for him at garage sales along with his outfits. While studying at Indiana University he contributed a strip featuring the beloved character Implosion Boy to the Daily Student newspaper.  Dan was later awarded a fellowship honor from the Washington Post Writers Group for his comic strip entitled Steve. He lives down by the river in good ol' St. Louis.

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