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Tillie & Clementine: Zoo Switcheroo

By Dan Killeen

Picture book, ages 6-9, 46 pages, $8.99

ISBN 978-0-9898474-2-1   Published Dec 2014


Tillie and Clementine go with their parents to have fun exploring the zoo. They happen to be there on the same day a daddy gorilla and his baby daughter sneak out to do the same thing. Clemmie and the baby gorilla wind up accidentally riding piggyback on the wrong dad! How did this crazy zoo switcheroo happen and how will it get fixed?



Tillie & Clementine: Noises in the Night

By Dan Killeen

Picture book, ages 6-9, 36 pages, $8.99

ISBN 978-0-9898474-1-4   Published Oct 2013


One night, Mommy has to go to a neighborhood meeting, so it’s up to Daddy to feed the girls and get them ready for bed.  After supper, he tells them a thrilling bedtime story which lingers in their imagination as they fall asleep.  But the girls are later awakened by strange noises coming from just outside their window! What could it be, and what will they do?



Robert and the Robots

By Dan Killeen

Picture book, ages 6-9, 72 pages


ISBN 978-0-9898474-6-9   Published Nov 2017


Robert builds a bunch of robots to do his chores and homework. Then he opens a business in his parents' garage making robots for the other kids and grown-ups in town. Pretty soon robots are doing all the work while humans are just sitting around in their pajamas watching TV. Then the robots rebel and try to take over.  Oh no! How will Robert stop his own robots?



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Derrick and the Dinosaurs

By Dan Killeen

Picture book, ages 6-9, 46 pages, $8.99

ISBN 978-0-9898474-4-5   Published Dec 2015


Oh no! Prehistoric beasts come stomping into town to cause trouble! A dinosaur obsessed boy named Derrick must decide whether he will try to stop the rowdy monsters or join them.  Beneath all the silly mayhem are themes of not following the crowd and being happy with who you are, but mainly it’s just a fun romp. RAWR!



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Hey, what's up with that sledding book? Is that out yet?


No, I'm afraid not. All I've completed is the cover, which is posted online in perpetuity. It won't be out for a couple years yet as I've got other book ideas in the queue ahead of it.

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